Road transportation is known to be the transportation service that is most commonly provided by logistics companies. Often preferred in intercity transport, road transportation is a method providing fast and credible transportation service and is often used particularly in short distances since it is a cheap way of transportation. When the methods preferred in the transportation sector are examined, road transport is accepted as the optimum method when there is enough time, since it is not as expensive as airline transportation.  Road transportation not only provides many material advantages to people in terms of costs, but also is able to carry many different products. It is not possible to carry via airline transportation liquids and products exceeding certain weight and dimension limits. However, it is possible to transfer many different products via road transportation. Road transportation is a method also used to carry liquids with proper tools and equipment. Therefore it stands out as one of the methods preferred for many years in the transportation sector.

Another reason why road transportation is preferred for many years is technology. As it has been a method fit for use even during the years when technology was not as developed as it is today, the roots of road transportation may be traced back to very old times. Although maritime, airline and railway transportation commenced to be used widely along with the development of technologies; this is not the case for road transportation. Road transportation is preferred for international transfers as much as it is preferred for intercity transport. The greatest disadvantage in road transportation arises with respect to timing. It is required to allocate a long time for road transportation especially in transfers to very far distances. Hence, road transport may be preferred as a more appropriate method for transfers to far distances, where there is no need for fast transport and service is a priority.

Having improved itself recently following the upgrade in vehicle models, increase in their capacities, development of vehicle equipment, and with the emergence of systems more convenient to road transportation alongside improving technologies, road transportation that has a very deep history in Turkey continues to exist in the sector.