Time is very important in the transportation sector. When transportation is in question, serious problems may arise from delays, especially in this day and age when people race against time in their business and daily lives. Particularly when receiving transportation services in relation to business life, completion of this process in a swift and safe manner ensures time saving for people and also prevents their material losses. For the purpose of time efficiency, airline transportation has often been preferred in transportation sector in recent years.

Looking at the previous years, one may see that airline transportation was not preferred very often since it was an expensive sector and also due to insufficient number of planes, inconvenience of technology, and lack of financial capabilities.  However, developing technology has recently made airline transportation a more often preferred option by diminishing unaffordable prices to ranges fitting with almost all budgets. Companies providing airline transportation services in the transportation sector have come to a position to be preferred even in short distances, since they provide many advantages to, and save time for their customers.

Airline transportation provides you advantages generally in transfers to middle and far distances. Although other transportation methods are also advantageous in terms of duration in short distances since time loss is not much, airline transportation is also preferred in short distances thanks to the comfort it provides. Not only should the people be considered as subjects of airline transportation. It is preferred by many companies for also cargo services, since it makes transfers in a very short period of time. Considering that particularly nowadays, when most of the shopping is made over the internet, for products with limited shelf life such as foodstuff and flowers which need to be transferred in a short period of time from a province to the other, airline transportation provides a great deal of advantages.  

A disadvantage of airline transportation, which provides transportation services with utmost comfort and by traveling in a few hours a distance that could be covered in 10 hours by road, is its prices. Airline transportation is acknowledged as the most expensive method in the transportation sector.  Although it does not fit with all budgets for this reason, it is used as the method that comes to mind first in compulsory cases, since it provides a great deal of convenience to many people who need to make transportation to far distances in a short period of time.