As a Turkish company, we aim to continue our growth in logistics services which has been realized rapidly so far on solid foundations and on the basis of confidence, and also to meet at utmost levels the expectations by providing solution offers to our customers in many fields of the sector.

We carry out our works in line with customer structure, demands and needs, and accordingly provide supply chain services to solution partners at optimum levels.

In this part of the Supply Chain, which is called the Purchasing stage, it is a service that enables our SMEs that do not have export or import authorization, permission or experience, to... read more
Micro Export
Micro exports are defined as sales from Turkey to foreign countries where the invoice amount is less than EUR 15,000 and the goods sold weight less than 300 kilograms. The government encourages SMEs(Small,... read more
Storage Services
Warehousing services are services offered for the safe stacking/storage and storage of products subject to trade. Today, storage services are provided to our business partners by integrating advanced technology systems. We continuously improve... read more

It has a more cost-effective and advantageous method for short-distance transfers in comparison to other transportation systems. Let us swiftly deliver to the desired place safely and firmly!

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While providing safe and technological logistic support from/to each and every port in the world where most of international trade is realized, we make transportation whenever you want in the most economical and the fastest and the easiest way.

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Thanks to our understanding of quality service and strong network of agents, we are able to offer export and import services for international airports that are open to international trade.

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