Your Load, Our Duty…

We are cognizant of our responsibility to timely provide creative and improving solutions that swiftly adapt to rapidly developing demands and changing conditions, at the highest quality and at minimum costs.

In line with these objectives, MP Air & Sea Logistics provide import-export, customs, storage and overseas distribution services in the fields of road, maritime and airline transportation with its young and dynamic personnel.

About Us

As MP Logistics we provide partial, complete, consolidated, warehouse and transit trade services to 193 countries in the fields of Airline, Maritime, Road transportation and storage since 2011 with our professional staff.

The priority of our company, which is also a trading company, has always been customer satisfaction and reaching solutions swiftly while we provide solution partnership to our customers in import and export operations.

Our Vision

With the power we hold thanks to our young and dynamic structure, and adopting as principle the understanding of smart, fast and quality service, we produce optimum solutions to meet the needs of our customers with an honest, credible and professional approach.

Our Mission

As a Turkish company, we aim to continue our growth in logistics services which has been realized rapidly so far on solid foundations and on the basis of confidence, and also to meet at utmost levels the expectations by providing solution offers to our customers in many fields of the sector.

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