Micro exports are defined as sales from Turkey to foreign countries where the invoice amount is less than EUR 15,000 and the goods sold weight less than 300 kilograms. The government encourages SMEs(Small, Medium Enterprises) to export more by keeping micro export procedures simpler than normal exports.

Classic exporters, whether individuals or companies, have to contact a customs broker directly. In this case, a large number of documents are prepared and various costs are incurred. Micro exports, on the other hand, do not involve communication with a customs broker. Instead, it is sufficient to contact cargo and logistics companies that carry out international transportation, which are authorized to prepare and issue ETGB.

Advantages of Micro Export

Saving time due to ease of paperwork.
Ensuring VAT refund
Quick access to products for buyers
Customs facilitation
Shipping available during weekend
Exporters’ association approval is not required for exports

In this service offered by our company, we offer our business partners the advantages of micro exports with our expert staff and experience, and contribute to the development of our SMEs.