Nowadays it feels like the whole world is in our hands. We have the chance to do shopping even from another country in an instant with only a click. For most people, delivery process of a cargo is very important in online shopping. Being cognizant of this fact, companies continue to provide services with the aim of transferring the goods of people to their destinations on time and as soon as possible. So, have you ever thought how the goods of your online shopping that you do from thousands of kilometers afar, reaches your hands and which distances do they cover? Having begun to matter much more in recent years, transportation sector has started to become more significant day by day in this sense.

Maritime transportation is among the methods preferred in the transportation sector to transfer goods particularly from very far distances. Of course, the province or the country to which the transportation shall be made first of all needs to have a sea coast for them to benefit from the advantages provided by maritime transportation.  With respect to transportation services in cities having sea coasts, the use of maritime transportation is gradually increasing as it is a much cheaper method.

In maritime transportation, ships are made use of as a means of transport. Maritime transportation is often preferred for transfers of goods at dimensions and weights that are impossible to be carried by airline transportation, and because it is a method making distances which will take months to cover and which is impossible to arrive in a short period of time via road transportation, reachable in a shorter time period. Although it is not a method very much available and often preferred for transportation operations conducted within a country, maritime transportation is the method that comes to mind first when international transportation is in question.

While maritime transportation stands out as the cheapest transfer method in the sector, it also brings about many different advantages. In road transportation, products carried may be damaged in cases such as lurching etc. throughout the way. However, when maritime transportation is examined, it is seen that damages arising from lurching are minimized and become almost nonexistent. Therefore, it is known to be the most preferred option in transfers of vulnerable products. Maritime transportation is a preferred method not only for carrying goods, but also products such as timber, petroleum and minerals.